Interior Design

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What is Currently Trending in the Interior Design Industry?

The interior and design industry is one of those industries that may be difficult to keep up with. Just like fashion, this industry has trends that keep changing within a short time with others resurfacing and being picked up again. If you are looking to pimp your house with the most recent interior designs, here are some of the current trends;

  • Bright colors

Bright color has been trending in 2017 with most people choosing bright green on their home decors and designs. It has been advertised a lot and poss a revitalizing mood when used in interior designing.

  • Use of wallpapers

This trend has been embraced gracefully by most home owners as it keeps the original interior designs of your walls intact. The wallpapers come in so many designs and can be changed whenever a person feels like or even depending on the moods and occasions. The most trending wallpaper design is the butterflies. They symbolize grace and are so attractive. In the recent past butterfly designs where associated with children’s rooms but that has changed over time.

  • Appliances that fold up

Less appliances and more space in rooms is one of the trends that most designers have worked on. Today you might walk into a room and think that it is empty only for the TV cabinet and kitchen appliances folding from the wall through switches and remote controls.

There is no limit as to where the interior design trends can go and this is so exciting since one is assured of never getting bored with the same old designs.

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