Express Waste Removals Website Re-Branding with a new design

Last week Express Waste Removals decided to come on board with ClickDo web dynamic teams and also get their organic SEO done for their business website.

So first things first, Kasun Sameera from ClickDo Media did a world class design for the new site.

You can see the current site even still on but (if you are reading this after 27th of January 2018, check the

The new site is getting coded by Nuwan Perera from ClickDo Solutions team in Sri Lanka.

The newly done custom design can be see on the below video. We will also upload the design later for you.

Hope you got the idea now.

If you are local business owner in UK, we can not recommend anyone better than Kasun Sameera at ClickDo.

Check the ClickDo work on their Facebook page for more inspiration and knowledge about advance custom built websites.

ASK Removals Website Design For the Newly Launched Removals Company Brand In UK

ClickDo digital team designed the ASK Removals website design For the newly launched removals company brand In UK. Kasun Sameera did the website design and Nuwan at ClickDo consulting developed the custom-built website. It came up very nicely and the website mobile responsive and adapts to any device.

You can see the design below and check the ClickDo web design services to get a better idea.


Check the ClickDo portfolio for more design inspiration for UK local businesses.

Below is the Logo design Kasun did for ASK Removals.


You can see what the client has chosen and what’s like on

Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company Website Design In UK

The best end of tenancy cleaning company website page was done by ClickDo Media Kasun for EOT Cleaning. He has designed the most amazing webpage that explains about the end of tenancy cleaning services in London, UK.

The web pages were done according to Google standards and the home page on EOT Cleaning was a custom design and developed by Kasun Sameera.

You can see the world-class design Kasun has done and Nuwan custom built it.


The video that’s on the webpage was done by Myles Henry at ClickDo media team.

End of Tenancy Cleaning – Promotional Video by ClickDo Ltd

All this was done to build the brand for EOT Cleaning in the most authentic manner and make sure it’s best end of tenancy cleaning company website on the that gives the best user experience.

You can see how the mobile version presents the


It gives rich user experience and conversion optimised to the highest standards.

The logo was well planned and designed by Kasun and you can see it below.

EOT-Cleaning-Services-In-London - LOGO

Below you can see how the website looked back then before Kasun designed it and you surely can check the archives to see the past.

EOT-Cleaning-ServicesNow you know what’s the best and how it was done and why and how it helped the branding on the web as well as the SEO of the website.

5 Essential Tips for the Tile Flooring Design

The floor is an essential part of a house. While home owners redecorate and redesign their houses, the floors mainly stay intact. You must be able to choose the right floor design for your living space once from the word go. Even when you get to choose a design you like, make sure that the floor is able to serve you for at least the next 15-30 years.

Choose a floor material that is able to maintain its color and design for the longest time. Learn how to clean and maintain the floors by using the right detergents and scrubbers. Interior design is not an easy task; design your home with the right floor tiles and enjoy its simple look.

Here are 5 essential tips for tile flooring design

  1. Versa-tile flooring– most houses are designed every season with a different color, tiling, lighting and décor. However, the floor remains intact for a couple of years before being renovated. It is important to select a flooring color that will support the changes in your home. Limestone, marble and travertine tiles are among the best natural stone tiles to use for your floors. Their quality and aesthetic color enables them to adapt to refreshed color schemes and fittings throughout a life cycle.
  2. A lasting choice; a hard surface floor is durable, strong and easy to maintain. They are designed to last longer without any need for constant replacements. Choose floor tiles that can be easily repaired when scratched after installation. Good floor tiles are flexible and they maintain their original color throughout the years.
  3. The floors looking after you. Floor surfaces are the most used surfaces in a home. They should offer stability and reliability by supporting the wellbeing of your home. The most important thing to note about stone tiles is that they absorb the movement of a building where other surfaces might crack or delaminate. Tiles are well known for their slippery nature; however natural stone tiles like limestone, marble and travertine have excellent slip resistance qualities.
  4. A sustainable solution; when you decide to make floor tiles your main priority, ensure that you use the best tiles that can sustain your house’s human traffic. Do not go for cheap tiles that will weaken and break easily. Rather, go for tiles that have a durable material.
  5. Maintaining your floor with ease; make sure the floor tiles you have chosen for an interior design are easy to maintain and clean. You do not have to install a floor that requires a complicated and expensive maintenance program.


Tile flooring design has been improved over the years. Today, tiles are available in different designs and colors, all easy to clean and maintain.

Top 5 Outdoor Trends For 2017

When it’s spring, everybody looks forward to the lovely temperatures and a nice weather. If you are lucky enough to live in a house that has a backyard or a patio, then you can redesign it in various ways. Having an outdoor space to decorate with the latest natural stone tiles can be very interesting. Limestone, marble and travertine stones are the best tiles to use for an outdoor décor. Outdoor living spaces are desirable and they greatly increase the value of a home.

You can choose to be lively and go for stylish outdoor designs outside. However, whatever type of stone tile you choose be sure to know how it is cleaned, and maintained.

Here are the latest outdoor trends for 2017

  1. Outdoor cooking; cooking and dining under the stars have been a growing outdoor trend. However, do away with the basic grill and a bag of charcoal; you can design your outdoor with a fully equipped kitchen that has a sink, trash bins, and cabinets. If you want to be more unique, try placing fire pits and fire places as an addition. This instantly transforms the look of your outdoor living space. Decorate the counters, floors and walls with the latest designed limestone, marble and travertine tiles. Make the most out of your outdoor space because you spend a lot of time, not to mention the good weather.
  2. Front porch; decorate your front porch and garden with warming features like lightings. Have fun by adding more lights and decorative candles, lanterns, torches, wall lightings and fixtures. Make your garden and front porch colorful by using the latest natural stone tiles to design. Making the outdoor space brightly lit can also act as a security to your garden space.
  3. Color your outdoor space; when you do interior design in your house, try and color the walls to make them brighten up and set a good mood. For outdoor space, paint the fences, arbor and the outdoor house walls. Paint is affordable and the right color can add a desired mood to your outdoor space.
  4. Leisure without labor; creating a leisure space for relaxation without breaking much sweat is a luxury. With good weather outside and a calm environment, you would always yearn to relax in your outdoor space. Maintenance can be achieved from plants and furniture.
  5. Living rooms; you can also create your outdoor to look like you’re indoors. Maintain the design of your outdoor by designing it with the right outdoor furniture, color, tiles and plants.


Be decorative and unique by designing your outdoor living space with any of the latest trends above.