When launching a new product online, there are a lot of factors to consider. The most important however are how you will be able to generate interest in your product by increasing traffic to your website. It is important to get SEO right from the beginning, long before you even register the domain name for your product’s website.

Research your market and keywords in depth

The keywords that you will use in building the website for your product heavily relies on the type of product you have envisioned. Look at the type of market you want to target and what sort of problem you want to solve for them. Create a keyword list that sums up phrases that users are likely to use when searching for your product online.

You should then ask yourself whether your current website gives you the platform you need to prominently launch the product, or whether you need a separate and new website for that purpose.

Build your website around target keywords

Once you have made a decision on what keyword you will use on your website or page to launch your product, you need to structure the pages or the new website around the keyword(s).The URL of your website and the meta description of your pages should include the target keywords

Create user-friendly content for each page of your website

The description of your product should be on the borderlines of your market research. Focus on telling people what the new product is about, who it is for and how they can access it. The product information here needs to be as detailed as possible to cover all the relevant basis of what users can search for online.

Add your website to Google’s Search Console

For your new website or new webpage, it is important to make sure that the search engines know that the page or website exists. Google has the Google Search Console to which you can submit an XML sitemap for free using your website’s URL. Google’s robotics will follow this link to reach your site. Once they find your site they will store the selected pieces of information in databases and these will be recalled later when a search query is repeated by anyone else.

Share your messaging with everyone on the internet

Intensive pre-launch marketing for your product can immensely drive your product awareness to the next level. This way when the launch happens you will have a ready market for your products. Your social media should be set up around this time to help secure your keywords on social media, and amplify your message. **Check the ClickDo Sri Lanka pre launch marketing on Facebook page. Before the site launch on 03.11.2017

Start populating your social media pages with posts that link back to your website or page. You can also market yourself on the web using Google advertisements and pay per click services

Launch the product and set future goals

There are various SEO tools you can use to measure the performance of your website and product’s level of awareness out there. Study the search volumes and traffic estimates from your prelaunch activities then set your future goals.

After the launch, you can keep the momentum going through consistent content marketing. This will increase organic traffic to your website. Always remember that users search for great and unique content so it is important to keep the information about your product unique and fresh.

This article was written by ClickDo Consulting Experts.