Express Waste Removals Website Re-Branding with a new design

Last week Express Waste Removals decided to come on board with ClickDo web dynamic teams and also get their organic SEO done for their business website.

So first things first, Kasun Sameera from ClickDo Media did a world class design for the new site.

You can see the current site even still on but (if you are reading this after 27th of January 2018, check the

The new site is getting coded by Nuwan Perera from ClickDo Solutions team in Sri Lanka.

The newly done custom design can be see on the below video. We will also upload the design later for you.

Hope you got the idea now.

If you are local business owner in UK, we can not recommend anyone better than Kasun Sameera at ClickDo.

Check the ClickDo work on their Facebook page for more inspiration and knowledge about advance custom built websites.