ASK Removals Website Design For the Newly Launched Removals Company Brand In UK

ClickDo digital team designed the ASK Removals website design For the newly launched removals company brand In UK. Kasun Sameera did the website design and Nuwan at ClickDo consulting developed the custom-built website. It came up very nicely and the website mobile responsive and adapts to any device.

You can see the design below and check the ClickDo web design services to get a better idea.


Check the ClickDo portfolio for more design inspiration for UK local businesses.

Below is the Logo design Kasun did for ASK Removals.


You can see what the client has chosen and what’s like on

Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company Website Design In UK

The best end of tenancy cleaning company website page was done by ClickDo Media Kasun for EOT Cleaning. He has designed the most amazing webpage that explains about the end of tenancy cleaning services in London, UK.

The web pages were done according to Google standards and the home page on EOT Cleaning was a custom design and developed by Kasun Sameera.

You can see the world-class design Kasun has done and Nuwan custom built it.


The video that’s on the webpage was done by Myles Henry at ClickDo media team.

End of Tenancy Cleaning – Promotional Video by ClickDo Ltd

All this was done to build the brand for EOT Cleaning in the most authentic manner and make sure it’s best end of tenancy cleaning company website on the that gives the best user experience.

You can see how the mobile version presents the


It gives rich user experience and conversion optimised to the highest standards.

The logo was well planned and designed by Kasun and you can see it below.

EOT-Cleaning-Services-In-London - LOGO

Below you can see how the website looked back then before Kasun designed it and you surely can check the archives to see the past.

EOT-Cleaning-ServicesNow you know what’s the best and how it was done and why and how it helped the branding on the web as well as the SEO of the website.